My Process

For more than 20 years, I have helped individuals, families and small businesses prepare for the future by understanding the opportunities and challenges they face now. My process is designed to ensure that your investments are always working for you toward your goals and to make you an active contributor to your long-term financial success.

Discovery – Through one-on-one conversation and correspondence, I get to understand your complete financial life – investments, savings, insurance, legacy and estate planning – to discover opportunities to upgrade current investment choices and simplify aspects to benefit you.

Create plan – Taking all that I learn during the discovery phase, I leverage the resources and in-house expertise available through B. Riley Wealth Management to create a financial plan customized to address your short-term needs, long-term goals, and tolerance for risk.

Presentation & ImplementationWe’ll meet to go over your current status, explain my results and give you my unbiased recommendations. Upon your approval, we will implement the new strategies.

Review & MonitorI will provide detailed periodic updates on your progress towards achieving the goals; recommend changes in resources and goals; and adjusting/rebalancing the portfolio to address life changes (births, marriages, graduations, deaths) when necessary.

As your advisor, I work solely in your best interests and follow through on my commitment by setting priorities on your goals, advocating your financial agenda and needs, and anticipating future life events and transitions.